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Computer Build Services Spotsylvania DMV VA DC MD

Computer Build Services

Computer Build Services & Repairs online remotely or in person Virginia

Computer Build Services, more than 20 years in the business. Windows Computers only at  this time. Work with all desktop computer repairs and custom builds. Get your next gaming PC from us! Why buy from us? We give you free 30 day warranty. Meaning any part of your computer stops functioning we help you get it on again for free! if we fail to get it up and running we can exchange you another product that matches exactly or is better and more expensive.

Or we give you a full refund and just to have you happy at all times. A great warranty that will let you feel good that all our product’s are good to go.

Buying and Selling Online

Buy and sell on our website, we are responsible for all our product’s. You are responsible for all your products. We give you the tools to sell here with us. If you are a buyer then you will know which are our product’s and which are a third party product’s. If you get confused please ask us and we will be more than gladly to help.

We are located in Fredericksburg VA 22408. Please calculate your shipping costs before buying a product from us. If a product doesn’t have a shipping price then it will definitely added after purchase. We will contact you if we need to add the shipping costs. We will pay warranty for all product’s on  our site and our product’s. This way you will feel secured that you and we are protected.

A responsible store here, always looking out for you at all times. Please purchase anything here with confidence, you will get it in your door steps and guaranteed to work for perfection or your money back. Our services are good and safely secured. Our website uses the latest security protocols and SSL certificates for your protection. Your contact information is secured with us! Our company does not share nor sell any contact information.

We have been working with computers for over 20 years now. Our tech will diagnose and repair online remotely or in  person in VA DC MD. If we have to travel we do have a hourly paid visit. All traveling completed jobs need to be paid when our services are completed. We cannot leave the premises until our geeks get a full a payment paid.

Our Services

Let us know if you need us to give you a visit and work on your computers:

Maintenance, Virus removals, data recover services, updates, computer diagnose and repairs and fixes, build your computer at your place, replace and update components, OS services, websites, web design, web hosting, graphic design, SEO, Advertising, Logo Design, Gaming Computers, Custom Computer Builds, Microsoft Office help, Email help and configs, Digital Printing, Software Help, Sign Cutting Vinyl Services, and much more.

Ask us if we can do  it if for some reason you don’t see it here. Contact us today for a free estimate.